“It takes a village to have and raise a child.” It’s not until we become parents ourselves that we realize how much we really need each other support along this exciting but challenging journey.

These services can start from the time that the parent(s) are still in the hospital or at home. Before the due date, I can assist parent(s) in shopping for the baby.

My services are prioritized in the following:

1.  I will teach parent(s) the techniques of breastfeeding, to prevent any complication, how to position the baby to make mother and baby comfortable. It is important to know how to wake a sleeping the baby and why the baby sleeps on the breast. We will discuss how to burp baby and how often the baby needs to be nursed and how to prevent engorgement. we will also discuss  how to use a breast pump and how often.I will provide a list of foods to   eat and not to eat.
It is important that mom and her partner or coach to learn everything about breastfeeding, in case mom forgets.

2.  Teaching parents how to care for their newborn, like how and when to swaddle the baby. How to recognize different types of crying. How to bathe the baby, the benefits of using different types of diapers (cloth and disposable). How to recognize and take care of the stomach aches and more.

3.  I will discuss the reasons of postpartum depression and how to prevent it.

4.  I will be of assistance and guide new parent(s) to learn how to cope with this transitional stage of life.
All the practical issues such as what to do with the at night, how and how to take the baby out, as well as how to bring the baby into your daily routine. Also how to change your lifestyle around your baby’s schedule.

5.  Will cover issues of how to keep your love alive between you with this big change in your life.

6.  Taking care of the mother:
we have to make sure the mom naps and she is eating well and drinking enough.  If necessary I will cook and shop, breastfeeding necessities such as a pump, bra or other things.

7.  Discussing questions to ask a pediatrician.

8.   Assist in the search for a nanny.

I can be present at the time of the interview of nannies.

The study, published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, found that women with strong social support networks during their pregnancy had lower levels of a certain stress hormone — pCRH (placental corticotropin-releasing hormone) — which made them less likely to develop postpartum depression.

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