Birth Doula

Consultation And Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care


Glyol provides 2 hours of in-person visits to support you and your partner in breastfeeding, newborn care, and your well-being. She answers questions on any issues your family might have regarding parenting.


The care after birth is in your home. It consists of 4 hours per day to provide support in breastfeeding, newborn care, your well-being, and parenting issues. Glyol also makes some nutritional food for you, and your family.


"I’m so grateful to have found you ….
My spirit and Isabella’s spirit were so meant to have you as our loving guide and companion during this birth process that I reached out to you first with my postpartum care in mind and I’m so glad I ended up having you as my wonderful birth dula!!! " 9/13/21
Andrea Sh.
"She physically, mentally and emotionally supported me through the biggest challenge of my life. She was kind, strong, educated and incredibly loving. I will most definitely hire her again for my next birth. She helped my husband and me feel as prepared as possible, even going through my shopping list beforehand and helping me pick out the right bottles, etc."
Siri T.
"Glyol has a heart full of love, wisdom, care and patience. She became a real friend for our family and our first child..."
"Glyol spent 3 nights and shared her wisdom with me. (Diapering, swaddling, proper latch for nursing, alleviating plugged milk ducts, feeding me, the list goes on!) And putting me on the path of a respectful relationship with my newborn. The love underlying her care is genuine. Thanks to her help my confidence returned. I was so impressed with Glyol's interaction with my baby and her loving presence that I never had a second thought in asking her to be my doula for the home birth of my second child."
Robin H.
"She is amazingly caring and warm and treats our son like a little boy and talks to him as if he understands what she is saying. She has a lot of experience with newborns and really taught my wife and I a lot about how to care for our son, from diapering, to breast feeding, to burping, to putting to sleep and you name it. She is the full package."
Mark J.

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