My service includes:

I will provide Two sessions prior to birth as a preparation for you and your partner. If you go beyond your due date, we will meet one more time. This is to discuss our options to start labor naturally.

An approximate 30-40 min customized HypnoBirthing audio based on the information you provided me will be made. You will also receive a shorter version of the audio which is not customized to listen to in the day time. These will help you to overriding the information which might be residing in your subconscious mind. The customized audio will address any concern you might have around Childbirth. It also reassures parents on how normal, healthy, sacred and magical childbirth is!

A Home Birth Experience

I will teach you the relaxation techniques like breathing, visualization, meditation and HypnoBirthing and we will practice it together. You will also receive a 1/2 hour deep relaxation massage in the second meeting. We will rehears labor process with your partner so he’ll be the real Doula. This means that he will be very involved in this process to enhance your romantic relationship, plus it leaves the best memory of your unity in the birth of your baby. I will come to your home when you are in labor to give you emotional and physical support with guidance through out the labor.

I will stay couple or more hours after baby is born to ensure you are fine, breastfeeding is going well and bonding taking place between baby, you and your partner.

Two postpartum and Lactation support visits are included after baby is born..

In case the midwife suggest to be transfer to a hospital, I will accompany you. The same support and guidance will be provided at the hospital.

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