Classes are done privately.

Childbirth is a one of the women body’s function. Though in most western societies it is considered hard and even a medical procedure!

Our interactive class will cover pelvic anatomy, stretches, body relaxation techniques, pregnancy changes – emotional and physical, labor signs, what is labor, what is uterine contractions we feel and why, what is happening physiologically and could happen emotionally. Different techniques of quieting the mind, visualization, labor positions, teaching partner to massage mom and alternative ways of laboring with using aroma therapy, homeopathy, visualization, different poses and the support and care of your partner/coach feeling surrounded with love and united in this Devine experience.

We explore if there is any concern, issue or negative story heard, judgment of family on “homebirth” either on labor or birth for mom or dad.

We also talk about the sacredness of Placenta and physiological benefits of it when it’s consumed in a desirable way for you. Breastfeeding, bonding, baby care and mom’s postpartum care are covered.
We practice labor and do HypnoBirthing in every class and we will explore your experience. There is a discussion on what can prolong labor or stop the progression of it, what happens if transfer to hospital is needed and how commitment to a HomeBirth can be done!
You will receive one HypnoBirthing audio via Dropbox. There is anther audio which is for labor and to start labor that you listen to it after 38 weeks. This audio is extra and you can let me know if you wish to receive it.
I will send you many handouts via email that we’ll review them in class.

One of my emphasis in my teaching is to make sure the partner feels included and knows what to do and say. Addressing this concept will bring a unity and a sense of togetherness in the childbirth which empowers the relationship between couples.
In an event that partner does not feel comfortable to be very involved for any reason. Then I suggest having a doula or an experienced close friend or relatives.

Please let me know if you have any question and when you like to sing up.
I suggest to take the class between 27 and 32 weeks. In case you miss the window it can be condensed in two sessions.

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