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Home Birth Doula

Her Support For You

With more than 27 years of experience, Glyol guides you and your partner through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood with nurturing care and no judgement. She is a confidently competent, spiritually gifted and incredibly loving who is supporting you undergoing one of the most miraculous of life experiences – childbirth.  Her purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.
She is available during your pregnancy for any questions.
She would like to come to you as soon as your labor starts and not when you are in active labor. So you will be guided from the beginning. 

Prenatal Sessions

During the sessions, you will learn different techniques of relaxation and visualization to help you through labor. Glyol will take you through a rehearsal of labor with massage and powerful process of HypnoBirthing. These practice sessions and a customized HypnoBirthing audio prepare you to feel confident, safe, and strong going through labor and the birth of your baby.

Perinatal Support

Glyol is available throughout your perinatal phase to answer your questions and guide you in breastfeeding and baby care during her sessions with you. She also encourages you and your partner in handling your new family roles.

Laboring in Jacuzzi
The moment of getting to know Dad and bonding with him.

Contact Glyol

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