Covid-19My dear future clients.
At this time because of Covid-19. I suggest we do our classes in a park or on Zoom. We can also meet in your yard if that could be an option. This is to be cautious and keeping social distance. I also suggest to switch to Home Birth if this can be an option. So you would not be in a hospital. Especially that the partner has to leave right after the birth. Mother and baby can only stay in the hospital with no visitors. When you decide, please let me know so I can refer you some very experienced with great reputation Midwives. When it is a Home Birth I would be able to attend your childbirth as your Doula for a full support with HypnoBirthing, massage and more ...

Glyol Pannbechi acts as a coach, a confidant, a teacher and a companion. She provides continuity throughout the experience of birth and offers emotional support for the parent(s) as they begin to enjoy their new journey into parenthood.

Being a mom is one of the highest callings one can be fortunate enough to undertake in a lifetime.

Our interactive class will cover pelvic anatomy, stretches, body relaxation techniques, pregnancy changes - emotional and physical, labor signs, what is labor...
Home Birth Doula
I will teach you the relaxation techniques like breathing, visualization, meditation and HypnoBirthing and we will practice it together.
Hospital Birth Doula
I will provide Two sessions prior to birth as a preparation for you and your partner. If you go beyond your due date, we will meet one more time. This is to discuss our options to start labor naturally.
Postpartum Care
These services can start from the time that the parent(s) are still in the hospital or at home. Before the due date, I can assist parent(s) in shopping for the baby.
Glyol’s support encompasses all three phases in the process of childbirth:
  1. Prenatal education and preparation through Childbirth Preparation Classes;
  2. Prenatal preparation and delivery guidance through guidance, support and care as a Birth Doula; and
  3. Postpartum counseling, breastfeeding support, newborn care and parenting advice.

In addition, she encapsulates placenta and makes Hypno-Birthing audios for those who are local and globally.

About Me

Glyol Pannbechi has been a Childbirth Educator and a Doula since 1995. She is currently teaching privately.

She supports and serves those who give birth at home or birthing center as well as those who choose hospital.

With her background in psychology, being a mother and a Doula, she understands and empathizes with parent(s) and has relevant experiences to share with them.

“It takes a village to have and raise a child." It’s not until we become parents ourselves that we realize how much we really need each other support along this exciting but challenging journey. As budding moms, we all need guidance and wisdom from those who have been in our shoes, and camaraderie from our peers when we find ourselves feeling anxious, confused or overwhelmed by all the nuances and changes that motherhood brings. Childbirth is a one of the women body’s function. Though in most western societies it is considered hard and even a medical procedure!

Being a mom is one of the highest callings one can be fortunate enough to undertake in a lifetime. Daily tests of will, strength of character, patience, willingness to grow and make room for more and more love are only some of the highlights! When viewed through the lens of spirituality, it is one of the greatest opportunities to expand your consciousness, live with mindfulness and devote much of your daily life to service. Add a big dose of practicality in there with a decent serving of humor - it’s the most rewarding, fun and filled with surprises journey a woman or any parent can take.

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As of August 2020 I have moved to Thousand Oaks. My beach city of Santa Monica became a bit too crowded. I am enjoying the mountains and peacefulness of my new city and surroundings. So, now I am available to support parents in the following areas;all cities of Ventura county, west part of the valley, Malibu and Topanga. I will get in touch as soon as possible.
E-mail: Phone: 310-403-0379
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